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We cover the 600+ square mile Tri-Valley Area, from the Sunol and Ohlone Regional Wildernesses in the south to Mt. Diablo State Park in the north; from the Dublin Grade and Las Trampas Regional Wilderness in the west to the Altamont Pass and Los Vaqueros Reservoir in the east. Our area is rich with history, from the Miwok tribe, to Spanish and then Irish settlers, to the modern day. We explore and study our area and the paranormal events that have, and continue to, transpire.


We investigate paranormal activity using modern technology and an open mind and spirit. Whether in Pleasanton's haunted downtown or the ranch and wild lands of the Morgan Territory, we go where we are needed.


We lead research and history preservation efforts to document the paranormal history of the Tri-Valley. There is always more to find...

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